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Anadolu Glass Ind and Trade Ltd. Co. which is established in Ankara in 1957, has been continuing its activities in Istanbul since 1976. With the help of the central factory, laminated production factory in Kurtkoy and the factory located in GEPOSB, Anadolu Glass continues to work by developing and renewing itself and by taking better quality and safe steps in Turkey especially in Istanbul.
Grupcam has established as a double glazing producer in 1993 with a yearly production capacity of 120.000 m2 insulating glass. Thanks to a series of technological improvements, within a short period of time the production capacity has been increased to 200.000 m2/year. In 2015, our new facility investment with 5.300 m2 production area in Anadolu Industrial Zone has been completed and operations have started in our new factory building in July 2015 with an increased production capacity, extended product range and higher technology. Over 20 years, with a brandname identified with quality in the market, our company supplies a wide range of local and international customers, especially PVC window producers. As well as the exports made to France for years, numerous residence and hotel projects have been completed abroad such as Kazakstan, Georgia, Niger, etc. With the new technology and equipment investments in 2015, our company has targeted supplying aluminum facade and parapet systems and shortly got space in this market too. Being a franchisee of Sisecam since 1993, Grupcam produces with the brand name of ISICAM SYSTEMS® as an Isicam Authorized Producer through the supervision of Sisecam Duzcam (Float Glass). So, all of the products are under the warranty of Sisecam for 10 years. Grupcam products also have the necessary CE certification and the production process has ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certifications. Our mission is to supply any kind of architectural glass with a high product and service quality to local and international markets while aiming continuous improvement, sustainable development and a maximum level of customer happiness and employee satisfaction
Our Company BKS Katlanir Cam Sistemleri San. Tic. Ltd was established in 2004 in Ostim Organize Industry in Ankara. Our field of activity is the folding glass systems industry. Thanks to our dealers network you can find our products used in many residential and business places around the world. It is used in the design and production for the balcony glazing industry is which is comprised of over 350 plastic injections, nearly 100 extrusion molds which in total we have more than 750 kinds of products and more than 3,000 semi-finished.
As SC ECOGLASS GROUP SRL our company has been exporting decorative glass and opal glass to Romania and importing wooden products to Turkey since 2008. The company has proved that it is a credible supplier in different sectors too. The company continues its activities with prioritizing customer's satisfaction and without sacrificing its reliability.
Sar Cam is an architectural glass manufacturing company. Our company was founded in 1996 and started its business life as Sar Cam. The company has acquired its reputation by continuous hard work throughout 1990s and has become country’s one of the leading independent glass processors. We offer a full range of products and services from flat, double glazing, tempered, laminated and low-e glass to individual panes of glass custom cut to size. As a family owned organization with an international client list, Sarcam invests heavily in staff, equipment and facilities to provide a wide range of services. In this regard, a substantial investment in the glass processing plant has led to the company’s accelerated growth into new markets. Through years of experienced leadership we have built and developed a truly world class, knowledgeable skilled workforce who are all trained to the highest manufacturing standards and are totally dedicated to continuous improvement. With our commitment to quality and customer service accompanied with the latest production technology, Sarcam is well positioned to fulfill vast amount of glass requirements from all around the world.
EFT Building and Construction Material is dealing with the unique qualified building materials with dedicated manufacturers; which allows us to submit the very competitive quotations. Diversified ranges of products available its portfolio. Therefore, EFT is able to get quality with competitive price. Not only in the construction and building materials but also EFTCG has varied equipments for construction industry. Ask for quotation before get your purchase order. construction, building, material, suspended ceiling, flooring, facade, marble, decorative, door, window, eps, xps, false ceiling, mineral wool, wooden composite deck, bench, false ceiling, aluminum, marble cube, marble slab, industrial kitchen, building materials, industrial kitchen accessories, construction materials
A glasshouse founded in 1995; turned into a big glass processing facility in 2015 with quality service, experience and solid commercial posture. By producing its products with the latest technological machines in Esenyurt/Istanbul facility, company continues to serve as one of the most comprehensive glass facilities in Europe. Camglass follows and applies the developments worldwide and with the growth of its export network cooperates with many companies in Europe and in some countries in the world. Camglass, who has been increasing its experience and service quality from the past to the present, always walks next to his business partners. The management team meets the customer expectations at a high level and has a production team that can speak the same language to be among the leaders of the sector and become a brand name in the world market. Camglass always considers Customers' service and high quality product demands as a priority get ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Certificate in 2009. Besides, in 2015 as a result of laboratory testing of products produced in the facility, it has been registered that products are produced according to European standards.
Established in 2010 by the woman entrepreneur Selma Ozsabuncu, our company is one of the leading companies in our region in architectural glass and aluminum or PVC door and window processing with its high capacity and it operates in the door, window and glass sector. Sen Ortaklar Cam continued its growth by following the developments and innovations in the construction sector where architectural glass (outdoor and indoor) are used extensively and in 2016, became "Authorized Double Glass-Double Glazing Systems Manufacturer" of Sisecam Duzcam. Thanks to its technological infrastructure, technical knowledge, sophisticated production softwares, around 20 experienced employees, and production facility equipped with modern architectural glass processing machines, Sen Ortaklar Cam continues to maintain and develop its quality level and to work effectively in the sector. Today, it has a high-tech facility located in Gemlik, Bursa with an indoor area of 1,500 m2 and an open area of 2,000 m2. It plays a leading role in the sector with its architectural glass solutions, flexible approaches and excellent services in our current facility. Sen Ortaklar Cam is capable of supplying all kinds of architectural glass (security, heat and solar controlled double glasses, decorative glasses, sound control glasses) to its customers and projects by providing architectural glass from Sisecam Duzcam. In addition to architectural glass production, Sen Ortaklar Cam started to manufacture pvc and aluminum doors and windows in 2014, expanding its product range. Our goal of entering the PVC Door-Window sector is to reduce the production costs by producing glass and frame from a single point and to offer more suitable and higher quality products to our customers. Today, our company, which has a wide product range in the production of PVC and aluminum doors and windows is the Authorized Manufacturer and Dealer of Egepen / deceuninck, Rehau, Schuco, Inoutic Winsa and Firatpen door and window systems, glass balcony and sliding glass ceiling systems, automatic shutters, garage doors, pull-down shutters, industrial doors and photocell doors. Exporting to different regions such as Israel, Canada, Germany in addition to its local dealers, our company gathers the design, production and assembly of doors and windows in architecture and buildings in a single company and keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level with the after sales support it provides.
About Us Ozturk Cam started its commercial activities in 2000 with retail sales for architectural glass processing, and continued in 2007 with wholesale sales and took its place in the sector. As of 2017, it has met demands coming from different sectors with Glass Edge and Surface treatment. By expanding its technical knowledge with technological infrastructure investments, Ozturk Cam continues to work effectively in the sector by meeting demands relating to Glass edge and Surface treatment production with modern architectural glass machines, as well as Tempered and Laminated Glass, Screen Printing and Roll Printing Glass, Satinated Glass and Curved Tempered and Curved Tempered Laminated Glass products. It has signed many projects by producing fast solutions in line with the demands and needs of our customers with its skilled personnel and executive staff, each of whom has been involved in the projects of many leading companies in its sector. Ozturk Cam is able to provide heat and sun controlled double glasses, decorative glasses, sound control glasses and any kind of architectural glass to its customers with its own production line by procuring architectural glasses from high quality float glass manufacturers and at the same time by making solution partnerships with important architectural glass manufacturers in the sector. As well as its own products Ozturk Cam coincides industry-leading manufacturers' products with domestic and foreign customers’ requests and meets their demands in a timely manner with superior service quality and in appropriate conditions and it brings its customers together with all product groups produced by high-tech manufacturers Our Vision: To approach every effort and idea with respect and value without any prejudice, to value and work with a team spirit, to adopt universal quality, open to creative solutions and innovations, and to continue to progress in the sector by being customer oriented. Our Mission: To be a company that is known for its loyalty, integrity, reliability and service quality, to show outstanding effort for the highest possible reliability in our products and services, to meet the expectations of our customers with the highest level of quality and to maintain them continuously.
Our company continues its production in a 3000 square meter closed area in the city of TRIPOLI, LIBYA, as well as serving from the developing Middle East countries as of 2010. The Basic Principle of Our company, which aims to have a voice in the world market with the experience we have gained with our 18 years of history, with an understanding that does not compromise on quality, is proud of being a solution partner in important projects abroad.